Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What's useful?

I fear I'm trapped in a loop. That Stonewall report that quotes a Manchester City Council report that is in turn just quoting from my workshop notes? The city council just got in touch asking for another workshop or presentation, because they're planning the next conference in the sequence.

Now, last year I went with any old thing, as any time for workshop planning got eaten up by the European Elections. This year it's reasonable to expect that there will be about a month between the General Election and the conference itself so I can perhaps do some more planning work.

Now "any old thing" last year was actually:
- what do bis want?
- what's out there for bis?
- what do we mean by bi anyway?

But I wonder if there's a particular focus that might be useful this time. For bis, for the council, for bis in Manchester, for bis who work at the council, whatever.

I've asked the local uni LGBTers bi rep, and will run it past BiPhoria next month.  In the meanwhile your suggestions, dear reader, are only too welcome!

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