Wednesday 16 May 2012

Bis at Pride 2012 - Looking Ahead

BiPhoria's pub meet last night in Manchester included a dollop of discussion about upcoming Prides.

The group has quite a selection of banners already: I should probably take and post a series of photos of all our different designs, but they go, in sequence...

1995 banner: for the first Manchester Pride after the group was formed, this one is a simple blue spray paint / old white sheet affair reading "BIPHORIA!" on one side and "Manchester Bisexuals" on the other. Signed by the original banner makers and dated (aww). Where are they now?
1999 banner: a brilliant idea with one small flaw. This is about 10' by 6' of hand-stitched bi flag and infinite bisexuality logo, took ages to make and looks amazing. The only thing is, it doesn't anywhere on it actually say what it means or who we are, so it works better as a backdrop on a stall. As a banner, you have to hand out flyers to the crowd explaining who the heck you are.
2006 banner: "Bisexual Recruitment Army". For our pride theme that year and tied in to the making of the B*R*A website.
2007 banner: "Manchester Bisexuals". Basically a version of the 1995 banner for the intermaweb age. Hand sewn letters on a meshy sort of white fabric.
2008 banner: "Some People Are Bi, Get Over It". The most political banner, both a challenge to mainstream and gay society about their biphobia, and highlighting Stonewall's deliberate bi-erasure.
2010 banner: "Bisexuals Everywhere, Out & Proud". The only professionally printed one, as part of the national Bis@Prides project

However, I think we should make one that is mostly just good for this summer. BiPhoria is 18 this year, and a celebratory banner along the lines of "Challenging 'it's a phase' theory since 1994" would tie in with Manchester Pride's sciencey theme. With a URL, since the internet still hasn't gone away.

There's only three months left to make it in. That slogan needs honing :)