Friday 28 December 2012

What do you want to read in BCN next year?

Should Bi Community News borrow from the style of other magazines and have themed issues in 2013?

And if it should, what should the themes be?

Wednesday 19 December 2012

It's in the post...

The latest issue of BCN is back from the printers, stuffed into envelopes (thanks to the BCN stuffing possee!) stamped, labelled and off into the post.

Overseas ones will have to wait til I'm well enough to make it to a post office though. I do wish overseas mail was easier.

This issue has two major chunks of wordyness: one, the report back from decision making at BiCon 2012; the other, two articles talking about bisexuality and language. These relate to the Bristol bi club "Greedy" whose name flared up into controversy among a few ill-informed defenders of Teh Queer, and the wider question of sloganeering: what can you stick on a banner or flyer that bisexuals will unite around?

Sunday 9 December 2012

Getting Bi On Film

One of the "I'll get around to it" things on my to-do list this year was to take Getting Bi In A Gay/Straight World and make it into an mp3, so people who find sound easier than vision could get the benefit of its distilled bisexual wisdom.

But mp3 hosting is even more of a mystery to me than video hosting, so with the aid of Holly aka Bisexual Wombat, here is a video version, with the images from the booklet and an audio track.
Getting Bi in a Gay / Straight World from Bi Community News on Vimeo.