Thursday 21 January 2010

So who are the bisexuality bloggers now?

I've found a nice little widget to add to BiMedia which merges in rss feeds from other sites. It's something I've been wanting to have there since BiCon 2007 where a bi blog syndication site analagous to my favourite lefty blog site got talked about, but hadn't come across the right, free, tool to do the job.

However, now I have found the tech, I'm lacking in good UK (or UK-relevant) bi blogs to add there. Petra seems to have gone quiet and I'd rather it wasn't just me and Sue! Talky ones rather than "oh my look at these sexeh photos" ones preferred.

Nominations welcome. I don't promise to take them all up, of course.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

It's nice to be quoted

Stonewall's "Top 100 LGB Employers" list for the year is out and it's entertaining to see myself indirectly quoted in a Stonewall publication.
Manchester City Council’s Equal Opportunities in
Employment policy contains a paragraph on why bisexual
men and women may face unique issues in the workplace:
“The council recognises that bisexual people may be the
target of specific discrimination and that their experiences
often differ from those of lesbians and gay men. The council
recognises that fear of discrimination is the major factor
which forces bisexual people to conceal their sexuality
and to present themselves as heterosexual, lesbian or gay
depending on the situation.”
As well as consulting with their LGBT network group on
employment policies, Manchester City Council hold an
annual LGBT Discussion Day, inviting volunteers and
individuals who advocate on behalf of LGBT citizens. One
outcome of the day was the suggestion that bisexuality
should be referenced explicitly in organisational literature.

Ah. That would be from the presentations I did. Sweet.

Though isn't it most remarkable that "actually mentioning bis exist" is still considered a daring suggestion in a publication on LGB inclusion?

And you know, I still can't find this alleged new bi-inclusive stance anywhere on the City Council website. It seems to be a policy that Stonewall know about but Manchester council doesn't!

Sunday 17 January 2010


Essential, one of the Manchester gay venues that have drawn attention to themselves by running "no bisexuals" door policies down the years, is closing. We won't miss them.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Snow room for bisexuals here

As BiMedia reports, we've had to skip a meeting of the local bi group due to the ice and snow. It's frustrating but to be honest few people would have been able to make it in, and getting home later in the evening would have been troublesome for many. I gather that our regular haunt for post-group socialising is shut due to the weather too.

I always expect there to be a rush of new people at bi group with the new year - the "I will finally do something about meeting other bi people" thing. Is it actually the case though? This year's snow may mean a quick bit of empirical evidence gathering from the local groups around the UK would be misleading. Perhaps the BiPhoria archives will reveal a pattern?