Wednesday 28 January 2009

LGBT History Month

It's about to be LGBT History Month again. The Februaries, they come around so fast.

Last year we put on something to mark the occasion in Manchester, local group BiPhoria hosting a talk about bisexuality and people who might be argued to be bi over the last 3,000 years. Two hours of academic lecture to an audience of 40 or so people, with refreshments and a few community information stalls from the projects that want to reach bi people (BiCon, BCN, local groups from around the country).

It was a great day, but notable that as the only bisexuality-focused event, it was the only LGBT History Month event in the city that Manchester City Council chose not to include in its published lists of events to mark the month. Plus ├ža change...

This year we won't be putting anything on. Sadly it seems no-one else will be either, though there was talk of something happening in London. Maybe the coming nine months or so could see a bi history resource built up - perhaps even a fun one - so that can change next year?

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Getting past the burnout

I knew this was coming and for a year beforehand made sure people knew that I couldn't be relied on to give as much of my time to bi projects as in the last few years: now I've been surfing the crest of the activist burnout wave for the last six months for a variety of reasons. I'm just about the right side of that wave now but bear with me.

Or volunteer your writing, cartooning, photographing, and envelope-stuffing skills to help get projects like BCN motoring faster. Your bisexual activists need you!