Wednesday 23 December 2015


I came across this old film poster, from a film with a bi theme. You can almost hear the trailer-voice explaining how a woman ends up sharing university accomodation with two men - with hil-ar-ious consequences. I can hear it so well that I'm not going to look up the real trailer on youtube for fear I'm right.

But allow me to focus in on that tagline. One girl. Two guys. Three possibilities.

Will he date (or shag, or whatever you want to call it) her? Or will she date him? Or (gasp!) will he date him?

And I know it was a fair bit daring at the time, as the film came out in 1994 and I remember the state of queer cinema back then, but I'm so disappointed at the maths. The film itself breaks it down a little, pointing out that thanks to the extra dimension of time all these possibilities can come to pass, and end in delight or disaster. But as a tagline itself...

They could all not date each other. Four.

She could date him and him (but the guys not date one another). Five.

He could date him and her. Six.

He could date her and him. Seven.

They could all date each other. Eight, and possibly a trip to buy a bigger, sturdier bed.

And then, as I say, time allows for any permutations of the above you choose.

In short: Hollywood needs better maths teachers.

Monday 21 December 2015

That Force'd Duality Of Star Wars

As it's (kinda) topical again, let's have this old graphic that I ran up a few years ago...

No spoilers here. Film v good though.

(For new readers, the New York Times a few years ago headlined some duff research with "Gay, Straight, or Lying". After some time there was an embarassed "yeah, that story was complete cobblers" follow-up.)