Thursday 29 May 2008

Experimental collaboration

I've produced a shiny new flyer advertising both Manchester BiPhoria and the Birmingham bi group, so usable anywhere along the West side of England from about Kendal to Gloucester!

It's not simply a matter of those two groups working together to produce joint literature though; this is a BCN project so it also plugs Bi Community News magazine. It's a blatant attempt to make promoting BCN be in the enlightened self-interest of local bi groups. If it works, BCN has higher sales and is able to fund more bi awareness resources like the Fancy Men, Fancy Women, Fancy Both? leaflets. In turn we have more people aware of the community, more chance of more successful local groups, more BCN sales... you get the idea. If it doesn't work, it didn't cost much; if it does work, I'll have to start looking at other pairs and threes of local groups who could be put on a joint flyer similarly.

If you are anywhere in that tranche of England, I've a big stack of them so if you've somewhere local you can distribute them - community centre, LGBT project, library etc - give me a shout. Or get in touch with the Birmingham group via their website.

Oh, and they look like this: