Sunday 9 June 2019

In Their Prime

Here's an uplifting photo: the first joint meeting of the seventeen Lib Dem and Alliance party MEPs elected two weeks ago. Coalicious, as they used to say.

They're going to be in place to some point between October 31 2019 and June 30 2024. Can't wait to find out who's going to be leading on which issues and sitting on what intergroups...

(Pic: Catherine Bearder's twitter)

Friday 7 June 2019

Denmark votes...

With 28 member states there are lots of elections around the EU beside the headline-grabbing European Parliament election last month.

For example, the results of the General Election in Denmark are in and they suggest Denmark might be having a Liberal moment of its own akin to the resurgence here in the UK.

They have a more effective voting system than we do for reflecting the will of the voters - and with 179 seats to elect* their two counterparts to the Lib Dems both have lots to smile about.  Venstre (think of the right wing of the Lib Dems - so to the left of Blair but more freemarket than I am) emerge as the second biggest party by a whisker on 43 seats up 9.

Meanwhile Radikale (more my kind of people, D66ey lefties) find themselves on 16 seats, up 8.  The other notable changes are an increase for a Socialist group and a huge seat loss for a Socialist-anti-Muslim party (think of it in terms of Lexiteer logic).

Thanks to the shifts in power between the other political groupings this sees Venstre leave government (as lead party) and Radikale enter it (as a junior coalition partner) so sadly that's one fewer Liberal prime minister across the EU, but across Denmark a step up for the combined forces of the anti-fash.

* - Borgen fans will remember all that "counting to 90" stuff.