Wednesday 29 August 2007


Well, that was Manchester Pride, and this year we were bi-rates with many a shivered timber and wanton rolling of our arrs. There was a decent rate of traffic to the bi stall in the exhibition area too, though it's often a case there of giving people basic bi info at Pride and never seeing them again. Last year we gave out reams of paper and I don't think the local bi group saw a single new member out of it; but then again, a bit of paper telling you that it's ok and you're not the only one is all some people need.

Last year we were the BRA which suited those who wanted a strong image who were nervous about being out, while this year's Bi-rates were a bit more glam... I think we could have a lot of fun by playing on the "Pride is no longer political" and "Bisexuals are apolitical" themes. Who's for a year of waving placards on a Pride march with slogans like "bisexuals demand cake"?