Saturday, 30 May 2009

A rare fail for PinkNews

The pink media is all a-quiver about an upcoming Eastenders plotline in which an existing male Muslim character, who has a girlfriend, falls for an out gay man and wrestles issues of his sexuality and the rules set by of his choice of faith.

Naturally, it's all about "Eastenders to feaure gay Muslim story" (pinknews), "Eastenders reveal gay muslim storyline" (pinkpaper). Are they missing a blooming obvious word starting with "B" perchance? It's another great case of the power of cock (tm) - the way that a man may have as many mixed-sex relationships as you please but will immediately be considered gay in the mainstream press the moment he thinks about sex with another guy -- it's sexist, it's many layers of queer-phobic, it's stupid, and it probably reflects how much of the media is still controlled by people with willies.

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