Thursday, 14 May 2009

I originally posted this as a comment over on Bi-Furious, but I wanted a copy of it over at my place too :)

I'm a little unwell right now so this won't flow as prettily as I might like it to but:

Binary things.


So screw the spelling of the word, "bisexual" inherently doesn't damn fit on a binary. It's the |Grey| or |Rainbow| mucking up the simplicity of black and white, the |Maybe|, the |Sometimes|, the |Either|And|. The most binary "bisexual" gets is to have this cover that might let it sneak in past binary thinkers' defences as a trojan horse to blow their whole simple one-dimensional world open.

The more I come across people trying to make out that my bisexuality undermines my genderqueerity, the less I damn believe it and the more sure of the exact opposite I get.

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