Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Someone on an email list for another country's activists makes a point that chimes over here.

Whether IDAHO or the bastardisation I've seen around this year "IDAHOT": where are the bis? Are we treating it like Prides and queer conferences, a chance to fly the flag and get publicity and visibility through press releases, events or joining in at wider LGBT events to mark the date? Or are we carrying on our fine tradition of being invisible whilst padding out the crowds, the organising teams, the banner-carriers and so forth?

For once I get to be smug about it: this year's IDAHO weekend I was leading the bi segment at an LGBT conference. But if I'm honest most years it hasn't been like that; and BiMedia.Org's front page would change a lot more often if it had stories of a dozen bi things going on to mark the 17th of May.

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