Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Interview-ette for Foundation

A little piece Foundation did with me about BiPhoria and Bi Visibility Day 2018...

How can people get involved with your services?
BiPhoria does lots of things all through the year – social spaces, sending speakers to events, running bi outreach and visibility stalls.  The best place to start is at our monthly “talky space” meetings which are at LGBT Foundation on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm – so the next one is on Tuesday 2nd October. Or drop us a line on

What events are you holding this year for Bi visibility day?
By the time people read this we’ll have unveiled our bi visibility banner on Canal Street – on Sackville Gardens roughly opposite Via.  Go take a look! 
On Saturday 22nd we’ll be at LGBT Foundation from 12.30 having a chatter and making #StillBisexual videos – bring along your bi story to share! 
On the day itself – Sunday 23rd – we will be in Bolton running a street stall as part of Bolton Pride, and joining Salford Uni as part of their freshers week student programme.  And we’ll be all over social media about the date alongside the @bivisibilityday team.

What are your hopes for the day?
It’s the twentieth year and we’ve seen so much change in that time, including many more organisations and institutions marking the date as a part of bi inclusion and challenging biphobia – back in 1999 it was just BiPhoria! 
I hope the attendant publicity and things like the bi flags flying and Canal Street banner will prompt conversations that help bi people feel more able to be open about who they are and find one another, because invisibility and the resulting sense of isolation is one of our greatest challenges.
And that we remember our comparative visibility now is built on the work of generations of bi and LGBT+ activists who worked when things were so much more difficult.

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