Thursday, 3 October 2013

"That same voter has never cast another vote..."

Tonight is the third annual Homo Hero Awards. Once something's been going three years it's definitely Annual.

To my genuine surprise and some delight I was shortlisted in the category Homo Hero: Role Model. The delight was all about what being shortlisted involved finding out people had said about me without being prompted; a lot of activist work you put out there into the world and never really see or hear what people made of it beyond the grumbles.

Role Model is a three cornered contest between - so far as I can gather from their online profiles - a cis gay guy, a cis lesbian, and me. So I'll be flying the flag for the second half of the acronym, and even without differential voting, it's odds-on that the hero will be a homo. Moreso given one of the other shortlistees is from sporting circles, which I think involves a big block-vote kind of momentum.

Last time I was on a Homo Hero shortlist - 2011 - there was a flurry of bis on shortlists, with Natalya Dell, Marcus Morgan and BCN magazine also in the running for other categories. We all came away empty-handed but it made for a fun evening and a good excuse to all be together in one place.  This time I'm the only bi shortlistee, but some lovely people I know will be along either as my guests or as representatives from other LGBT community groups, so I'm looking forward to a happy night out for the awards, probably followed by a slap-up meal in Chinatown. And perhaps a chorus of "Losing Deposits" on the way from one to the other...

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