Thursday 22 November 2012

Even the BNP have learned to be classier than this

Sometimes it's hard not to look at the national student movement and despair.

The National Union of Students' vice president has called for Conservatives and Lib Dems to be burnt to death. That would of course include thousands and thousands - at least - of her own union's members.

In an email Vicki Baars encouraged students to shout "Build a bonfire, put the Tories on the top, put the Lib Dems in the middle and burn the f***ng lot!", at a nationally-organised day of protest against the new student finance settlements - which have improved the financial support for mature students and charge poor students less and wealthy students more.

While she has been pressed to issue a public apology, the neo-fascist ideological values of the clique at the top of NUS means that calling for the killing of thousands of its members will probably not lead to anything as dramatic as being expected to no longer be national vice president. A quick "sorry for mentioning that I wish thousands of my members would die in a terrifying and brutal fashion" tweet will probably be deemed enough.

To put it as mildly and calmly as I can: what an embarassment.

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  1. It's a short sighted thing to say, certainly. But from the things I hear from the subgroups in the NUS I am not surprised.