Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Passed over again...

Stonewall, the - how should I put this - sometimes controversial LGB equality campaign group, have unveiled their shortlists for their annual awards.

A host of categories exist, and frustratingly they don't seem to publish a complete set of nominations: Community Group of the Year could for all I know have a shortlist of BiScotland, BiPhoria, Bothways and BiVisBristol. But without that set of nominees being public, what catches my eye first is the shortlist for Publication of the Year: Attitude magazine, Midlands Zone, The Lawyer, The Times and the Radio Times. BCN cruelly passed over once again there: perhaps if we added TV listings then the glitterati might love us?

And I see that: Ben Summerskill, Stonewall Chief Executive, said: ‘This year’s Stonewall Awards nominees include openly-gay sport stars, flagship soap operas, mainstream lesbian, gay and straight entertainers, tabloid and quality broadsheet journalists and politicians from all three main parties.

Now, you don't need a big purple neon sign to guess what I think's missing there.

I fear we need some bisexual nominees to badger Ben with over the next twelve months so he can't say the same again next time...

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