Saturday, 29 November 2008

More students

Another night being interviewed by a student with a bisexual project under their belt - this time a drama student working on a play about being bi and finding a sense of community. It is quite scary how long I can dish out anecdotes and dubious wisdom, including that the Woody Allen line about bisexuals having twice the chance of a date on Friday night can fall down both where twice nothing is still nothing, and at the other extreme on account of the fact that bisexuals don't have twice as many Friday nights as the rest of the world.

Still, it'll be good if it helps there to be another one-woman-theatre type of a play about being bi. The Speed of Dating is very well and good but we could do with there being at least one thing like that a year to look forward to, rather than one in a blue moon.


  1. Hi,
    Funny you mention students looking for enlightenment through your name is Katie and I am a doctoral student from Brunel University looking to interview bisexaul athletes, regarding bi-invisibility in sport.

    Would you know of any bisexual sportspersons and/or agencies that I can contact?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hello Katie,

    Honestly can't say that I do off the top of my head, but drafting a call-out for and BCN might be a way of getting the message out.

    It's a subject we covered a little in BCN a few issues ago with a piece on the situation in football but would welcome more on if you'd care to write something when your thesis is more developed, too.