Friday 21 September 2007

Student Outreach, again

Tonight was the annual "end of freshers week" LGBT society bash at the local university. This one was better organised than the previous couple I'd been to, though once again the PA system was bust.

The bi stall signed up a dozen or so prospective new recruits. The difficulty with student recruitment is twofold: first we're not a student group so don't meet in a nice familiar place on campus; second most bi stuff in the city is on Tuesdays, and so are the student LGBT meetings. We tried tackling that problem a few years ago, moving the night BiPhoria met on - from Thursdays to Tuesdays. Within a year the uni groups which had been meeting on Thursdays at the time moved to also being on a Tuesday.

Our other problem with recruits at the student event is that we wind up running a community group stall in the midst of a bunch of nightclubs offering free membership to new students; you can never be entirely sure whether someone is giving you their email address because they want to tackle bisexual invisibility or because they think they'll get a free keyring and allowed in to an imaginary club cheap on a Saturday night.

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