Sunday 8 July 2007

Bit of a wash-out

The 2007 Student Pride event wasn't all it might have been; one more cynical wag than I suggested there were as many people running stalls in the exhibition area as there were students attending the event, and certainly as stall holders we were press-ganged into going to the panel debates and presentations in order to pad out some quite empty rooms.

Perhaps it's part of the general student politics problem - however good a group, campaign or society is, three years on the competent original team have graduated and moved on. For those of us outside student politics this is a source of great frustration but also a great lesson in that when student groups screw things up, screw us over, or indeed do really good things - three years later we have to remember that this is a different bunch of people now when thinking about working or not working with them. You create a bad reputation for your group and it will live on after you.

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