Monday, 10 September 2018

Anti-fascist surge in Sweden

The clickbait media narrative is all to predictable in this weekend's Swedish elections.

The fascists are up, and that it is by less than presaged doesn't matter: they "won the election" declares the internets. Funnily all those times I watched the Liberals come third in votes and seats here they never said that. 1997 wasn't "Ashdown sweeps to power", Roy Jenkins wasn't hailed the victor in '83. Clegg swept up 24% of the vote in 2010 and was declared a busted flush.

But no, from the same journalists as cheerled the BNP to their Euro-seats it's they have "doubled their vote at every election". Which is sad news, naturally, but also says they have started to stall and hit a glass ceiling as their vote rose by half rather than 100% this time around.

But while the fascists did well, you can't helpe but notice that there were almost the same number of seat gains for their diametric opposites.

It's the wishy-washy parties, the Swedish counterparts of our inbetweeny Jeremites, Lucaseenies and Maybottles, who lost ground.

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