Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow room for bisexuals here

As BiMedia reports, we've had to skip a meeting of the local bi group due to the ice and snow. It's frustrating but to be honest few people would have been able to make it in, and getting home later in the evening would have been troublesome for many. I gather that our regular haunt for post-group socialising is shut due to the weather too.

I always expect there to be a rush of new people at bi group with the new year - the "I will finally do something about meeting other bi people" thing. Is it actually the case though? This year's snow may mean a quick bit of empirical evidence gathering from the local groups around the UK would be misleading. Perhaps the BiPhoria archives will reveal a pattern?

1 comment:

  1. I had been planning on going to this meeting myself but I decided not to bother because of all the snow... and I hadn't even seen this post at the time. I would have felt a right muppet if I'd gone!

    It would have been my first, too. Nothing particularly to do with new years resolutions, mind - I don't do them.

    Maybe next month.