Saturday, 8 August 2009

BCN site: not really out of date

Lordy. Though the links and back issues have been kept up to date, on looking I see that it's two years since I last uploaded a decent set of content to the BCN website. Consider it a project for October this year.

In the meanwhile, I've put a couple of fresh articles up one there: issue 88's panel discussion about where the bi movement is going and how we should focus our energies, and issue 96's interview with the boss of Bisexual Butterfly.

And tweaked a couple of really dated bits - the bis in the media section is no longer written by the Bi Media yahoogroup collective (who are nowt to do with, confusingly) as for the last year or two it's been either written by a couple of guest writers, or just as often but frustratingly not happened at all.

Enough wrangling for now. The rest of issues 87 - 96 will fill in later :) - well, it's not as if the site has gone horribly stale what with all the things coming through on the news feed from BiMedia.Org.

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