Thursday, 26 February 2009

The trouble is there's almost nothing out there

Hooray! ...ish.

NHS Barking and Dagenham have developed a website about LGBT health, and it has a bisexual section. This splits into five areas - four of which are links to broad LGB health advice on mental health, cancer, weight issues, and LGBT organisations in general (none of them are bi projects) - but one of them is a page specifically about bisexual health.

Which goes like this:

Some facts, figures and thoughts on bisexual health

Being bisexual is sometimes not easy, generally society can make you feel that you have to be either gay or straight but being bisexual is just as valid an identity as either of the other two and you should be comfortable being you, and if you identify with being bisexual then as your health is just as important an issue as for gays or straights!

There is very little research about bisexual health so I'm afraid this bit might be a bit short but you will find useful information on both the lesbian and gay pages for that side of your life.

It can be tough being bi but it can also be great fun and a perfectably normal and acceptable way to live so hang in there and try not to get dragged down by other peoples prejudice and pre-conceptions. It's always worth trying to find other bisexual people, even if only online to begin with. It often helps to bounce things around with people who have had similar expectations.

Here are a few useful websites on bisexuality: – This is kind of the grand-daddy of bi-resources and is a great place to start. – A server list for bisexuals, has a good FAQ section.

Now, hurrah that this content is out there, it shows that someone on the inside is trying and indeed succeeding. Brilliant. But how painfully it underlines the lack of bi health work; and gosh those links could be better couldn't they? Particularly the link to usenet isn't quite where the internet is at nowadays, and I say that as someone who still uses email software from circa 1991 rather than this rubbishy new-fangled Outlook/Thunderbird HTML mail nonsense.

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