Sunday, 27 March 2011

Say what?

And now with subtitles... A while ago I looked at the very shiny videos that came out of BiReCon 2010 and thought, these could do with a bit more work. I've already variously posted transcripts of them (with, on more recent listening, the odd word awry - sorry!); I suggested that subtitled versions of the videos would be good thinking someone else might have the skills and a little time and take the idea up.

Well, no-one else did that, so now I've started work on putting subtitles on each film so that people who are deaf, h-o-h or whose main languages are not English have a better experience of the videos. It takes a bit of voom and my life's quite busy in places so they are happening on a one-or-two-a-week basis, but getting there.

Here are the first few:
* Robyn Ochs: Why we need to 'get bi'
* Anna Einarsdottir: Civil partnerships
* Miguel Obradors: biphobia

It's been very interesting starting to play with video software and quietly inspiring some thoughts on other work I want to do with youtubey material.


  1. Yikes, I missed you asking for help! I'm happy to do some.

  2. I dont think it was a very explicit "someone should do this please volunteer" thing, more "someone should do this it would be good". So more easily missed, didn't have ACTION next to it ;)

    I've done about 6 of them now so best we talk about what ones still need doing. It takes time but the software is free and easyish (in windows at least) and I can show you how.