Monday, 11 May 2015

Greens deliver for Labour

Going over the election results it's interesting - by which I mean "what anyone with any sense could see coming but went sadly unreported" - how the Greens' target seats programme has delivered for Labour. 

The vaunted ten seat programme, had it panned out, would have leapfrogged the Liberals to fourth-party status. Instead it just resulted in a hold in Brighton, and the shifting of seats from left to right in Norwich, Bristol and the like. They took the opposition to Labour's ATOS assessment programme and Labour's bedroom tax and used it to enable... the election of more Labour MPs committed to those very social welfare slashing values.

Just as the BNP were an excellent front organisation for Labour over the years, it seems the Greens have become their puppet. It's a shame as the Greens' authoritarian plan for a poorer, greyer, monocultural Britain ought to be standing apart as one of the two serious approaches to the challenges of the 21st century: the Right to the Liberals' Left.

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