Monday, 3 September 2012

Binary Greens

Some confused people and some biphobic people like to throw around the idea that the "bi" in bisexual means that bisexuality props up binary thinking.

This is of course delicious piffle and has been taken apart for the oblox it is many times, though being an internet story it re-emerges frequently, just like the imaginary £6bn Vodafone are supposed to have stashed down the back of the sofa or Barclays' 1% tax bill.

Today's news has a proper example of binary thinking though. The Green Party have elected a new leader and deputy leader. One has to be male, the other female; there is inevitable outrage as this meant a low-polling male candidate for deputy leader was elected in preference to more popular female candidates.

One male, one female. Neatly keeping intersex and genderqueer people away from the levers of power in your organisation?

Now that's what I call propping up a gender binary.

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  1. Proving again that, as smug as they might get calling their queer group "LGBTIQ Greens," they're including the Is and Qs in name only.