Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy #bivisibility Day!

Happy Bi Visibility Day everyone!

As I was reflecting with someone earlier this week, there's a lot of mirroring between being a bisexual and being a Lib Dem:

  • It's not either of the two big, popular choices that everyone's heard of.
  • If you say you are, people will try to get you to admit you're not perfectly equidistant and are therefore one of the two popular choices really.
  • There's a popular image that it's just a 'stopping off' point and not a real, coherent, long-term thing to be.
  • It attracts nowhere near the financial and social support that the easier options get.
  • And finally in this dubious list: after a few brief bursts of fashionability, it's starting to get a little bit more sustained and serious recognition in the public eye.

So hurrah for the growing number of (mostly female, but that's another blogpost) actors and popstars and other such celebs who are coming out and staying out as bi. Hurrah that they are doing so despite the idiot responses of people like Beth Ditto. And hurrah that for the first time, this year Stonewall have given a little nod towards Bi Visibility Day with their tweet linking to the September 23 website.

Happy bi day folks :)

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