Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nine come along at once

Regulars at my local bi group will know I've been muttering for a few months now along the lines of 'we need multimedia stuff for the web' and 'we need to do more documenting of the community'.

Well, fortunately it's not just me, and so now we have a string of videos from the 2010 BiReCon research conference, giving a taste of some of the presentations people gave there.

As someone who suffers from a bad case of "in one ear out the other", you have no idea how excited I am at being able to see these over again! I'm sure I'll come back to blog more about specific videos from the set in the near future.

Meg Barker - Introduction to bi research in the UK

John Sylla from the American Institute of Bisexuality:

Serena Anderlini D'Onofrio - Bisexuality as Portal to More Sustainable Use of Resources of Love

Eric Anderson -- Heterosexual men, bisexual behaviour

Christian Klesse - Creating Bisexual Intimacies in the Face of Heteronormativity and Biphobia

Anna Einarsdottir - How Civil Partners meet

Miguel Obradors -- Deconstructing Biphobia

Jenny Kangasvuo - Comparing the Experiences of Finnish Bisexuals in 1999 and 2009

Robyn Ochs -- Why we need to 'Get Bi'

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