Monday, 7 June 2010

military coup imminent: leadership required

Wanted: someone with a little bit of money and web savvy to take Bisexual Recruitment Army over. It's a lovely little idea, and putting the site together was awesome fun, creating bad punnage and taking silly photos and so forth. But I've had no time or energy to do anything fresh with it, and it is really just sitting there to be honest.

Someone with webspace and an interest in taking it over would be good to find. My web hosting can only take three websites at a time, and I'd like to shuffle B*R*A off so I can put something else in its place.

Naturally like any protective website-mother I don't just want to give it to anyone so I might be picksy.


  1. Happy to host it for you - it doesn't need anything fancy, does it?

    Doubt I'll have spoons to do anything content-wise though.

  2. Registration expires August-ish. At that point it's down to whether anyone cares enough to renew...