Monday, 24 September 2007

Bi Day

Happy Celebrate Bisexuality Day, dear reader. Last year I was running round frantically making a Manchester BiFest happen to mark the occasion. This year I'm not doing anything - just not enough hours in the month - but the Scottish lot have a special event on with Bi Flag coloured cocktails which I definitely want the recipe for to use in future!

One of the things I'd tried doing a lot in the past was getting the various Bi Day events around the globe to link up, at the simple level of having a shared poster or something that we could each print off in our own countries with messages of solidarity from other bis around the world and what they were going to be up to by way of marking the date. "Greetings from Manchester where we will be holding a day of workshops for bi, bicurious and bifriendly folks in the local LGBT community centre" and such. Sadly, though I floated it the last few years on international lists, it seems to be one of those "just me then" things.

Maybe I'll get all fired up again next year. Or more likely 2009.

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